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I'm giving away my collection of Pokémon stuff (there's all kinds of stuff, not exactly high quality the most of it, I started the collection as a little kid so it includes things like cut outs from magazines or cut outs from Pokémon lollypop wrappers but it also includes a good number of posters, those are in great shape, some are really huge and they are basically new, no tape on them or holes or anything).

I still love and adore Pokémon but I think the collection should have a new home, one that appreciates it more (throwing it away would just seem wrong).

I'm giving it away for free or if you feel like sending me something in exchange then I would LOOOOOVE Dean's amulet from the show Supernatural (or whatever, we will figure it out, it's not a condition).

If anybody is ineterested then please PM me.

EDIT: My collection found a new home.
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Hi, I'm new around here. Sunbow Gems is my Etsy store, mostly full of earrings, but there's the odd necklace and bracelet as well, and I need to get the soaps and candles up there. Ten percent of every sale is donated to the Global Health Council for the treatment of neglected tropical diseases. If you're interested in custom work, talk to me!
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I thought this would make a wonderful first post to the comm. Passing along important messages like this is one of the things I hope we can do here. Please, read, help if you can. Most definitely pass the word along :)

This is re-posted with permission from [ profile] celli. Thanks so much, sweetie!

Every year, we lose a few more people - mostly elders - because they freeze to death. The last few winters in South Dakota have been lethal, and this year's - perhaps as little as a couple of weeks away now - promises to be no exception.

This Year, It's About Saving Lives - Native American Netroot's campaign for heaters and propane for the Pine Ridge and Rosebud reservations.

A primer on the poverty/housing issues on SD reservations

Right now, a great option for a heater is on sale and can be purchased using Paypal (shipping info in the first link). There's several other options, too, including places that will take small checks/credit cards and aggregate them into larger purchases.

I'll try to remember to post about this again later in case people have money later when they don't now, but if you have money now, it's a really great time to do this. Nighttime lows are already in the 30s on the reservations and projected to keep dropping. And if you're comfortable reposting or forwarding this, that would be awesome.


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