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She's got a lot of neat stuff listed, guys. Please, take a look if you can...

Originally posted by [ profile] mickeym at books for sale
Still working on getting pictures taken and descriptions for other stuff, but meanwhile, here are the books I have for sale, if anyone's interested (and feel free to share this post if you know anyone who might be interested).

I can do Paypal or Chase Quick Pay; shipping charges will be determined after I have an address/postal code to estimate them :) If you see something you're interested in/have any questions/want to buy something you can comment here (I will screen comments) or you can email me at kgasper at comcast dot net.

Books For Sale behind the cut: )
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I’m trying to get rid of some stuff I don’t really need, and I thought I would post a list of the items I have to sell:

• Dirt season 1 DVD boxset (region 2)
• CSI: Miami season 1 episodes 1-4 DVD (region 2)
• Trespass by Valerie Martin paperback
• Various CD’s

Shipping will be from Finland.

 photo dvd_zpstzb42i6a.png

Dirt season 1 DVD boxset $10 + shipping
CSI: Miami season 1 episodes 1-4 DVD $4 + shipping

 photo 1485175_110825114025_TrespassValerieMartin1054_f_zps8cgrjtbq.jpg

Trespass by Valerie Martin paperback $9 + shipping

 photo cd_zpsghlksybo.png

Row 1: Greatest Hits by Lighthouse Family, Check Your Head by Beastie Boys, A Different Beat by Boyzone
Row 2: Where We Belong by Boyzone, Deadache by Lordi, Caribou by Elton John
Row 3: Hagnesta Hill by Kent, Showtime Storytime by Nightwish (2 CD’s), Utter Madness by Madness

All CD’s $8 + shipping, except Nightwish $12 + shipping
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Hi guys, still sick but doing some better. Just checking in because this is important. She is so close now to being able to keep her home. Plus, if you donate you get some of her wonderful art. So, everyone wins. :)


Originally posted by chibitoaster at Commissions open!
I need to make $2000 per week for the next three weeks. I can get a signature loan for the remainder if I put my car up as collateral. But I need the money.

So, here's how it's gonna work:
$5 donation minimum
If you donate more, that would be great, but I can't guarantee more than a sketch at this point. At $5, I would need to get 400 sketches done per week.


Fandoms: Harry Potter, Marvel, Supernatural, Merlin, Sherlock Holmes
How it works: When you make a donation, give me your LJ name (tell me it's LJ or I might think it's twitter, facebook, or tumblr), and what you want.
I'll get it done, scan, and msg you back with a link to a printable version of it.

Please share, pimp this for me, and tell your friends, even if you can't help out by ordering a commission.
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Hi guys! I know there may not be many people around right now but I just wanted to let you know I've got a bunch of stuff up for sale on Ebay right now. This is just a first pass and there will be a lot more stuff to come, especially books, comics, etc.

If you see anything you want, but would rather get it directly from me, just let me know and I'll end the auction over there. Thanks, as always, for looking:

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I'm giving away my collection of Pokémon stuff (there's all kinds of stuff, not exactly high quality the most of it, I started the collection as a little kid so it includes things like cut outs from magazines or cut outs from Pokémon lollypop wrappers but it also includes a good number of posters, those are in great shape, some are really huge and they are basically new, no tape on them or holes or anything).

I still love and adore Pokémon but I think the collection should have a new home, one that appreciates it more (throwing it away would just seem wrong).

I'm giving it away for free or if you feel like sending me something in exchange then I would LOOOOOVE Dean's amulet from the show Supernatural (or whatever, we will figure it out, it's not a condition).

If anybody is ineterested then please PM me.

EDIT: My collection found a new home.
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Hi there! Never posted here before, but I figure there are people around here who'd be interested in this stuff:

  • Stargate Atlantis: autographed cast photos
  • Star Wars: poster cards
  • Dragonriders of Pern: Robin Wood art
  • embroidery sets

Shipping will be from Australia.

for someone who will love them/use them )
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Hi everyone. First time poster. I would love to invite you to my Etsy shop to do some holiday shopping. Over there my shop name is Xenodeno's Emporium. I sell mostly vintage items of all sorts. I am trying to sell hand-crafted natural soaps there too, but, alas, no one seems interested. Too much competition from long-time sellers. Here's a link to my shop:

On the fannish side of life, I have six X-Files Extra Large Size T-shirts for sale. Used vintage shirts in great shape for their age. Egads, they're almost 20 years old! I have pics to insert. I will sell these for $7.50 ea + shipping. Buy all six and I'll take $30 + shipping.

Pics )
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I have an etsy shop full of geeky themed, earrings, pendants and stitch markers (knitting and crochet) for those who would be looking to do a little holiday shopping or crafting. There is also a Sale happening in the shop right now with 10% off on any purchase until 12/5 with the code Gobble.

There are items inspired, buy DC & Marvel Comics, BTVS, Supernatural, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Mythology, Sherlock, and more. Head over to the shop and take a look.

One Geek to Craft Them All

Thanks for looking!
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I have a couple of stores open where you can find my fan-ish related things for sale on a variety of stuff. I can be found over on Redbubble, CafePress, and DeviantArt.

Thank you for looking! :-)
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I've got an Etsy store with mostly crocheted goods over here. I've got listings for a griffin, some flying pigs, and a custom "floppy" cat, as well as three crochet patterns; I keep meaning to add more, so hopefully this will motivate me to get on that.

In addition, I'm offering all three of those patterns, plus a couple not yet released to the public, in exchange for charitable donations to Tumblr user krackorotdude's transition fundraiser. You can read the details here.

I've also got a bunch of FREE fannish crochet patterns up at [personal profile] hooked_on_anime.
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I've got a friend from Yahoo Groups who is getting ready to make a major move soon and is trying to downsize a bunch of stuff. She has a ton of jewelry making supplies that she'd like to shed. This is what she posted to our group. I told her I'd see if anyone here might like to have them:

BIG BIG stash of Jewelry making supplies for sale cheap )

Pretty neat stuff, huh? I know I'd sure want it if we weren't so broke. :)

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Hi guys! This is everything I have posted right now, there will be lots more to come:

Alex Ross Jim Krueger
2) NAUSICAA of the VALLEY of WIND Part Four #1-5 (1st Prints) NM 1994 OOP
Includes 23 1/2"x 30" Nausicaa Folded Promo Poster
3) Gotham Central #1-40 VF/NM ED BRUBAKER & GREG RUCKA 2003 (57 books total)
Includes Officer Down & The Spectre mini series!
4) EXILES MARVEL COMICS X-MEN #1-12 Plus Extras VF/NM 2001
6) SCENE OF THE CRIME #1-4 VERTIGO DC Ed Brubaker/Michae​l Lark 1999
Still new in box, never assembled!

You can find them here:


Shop open

Nov. 6th, 2014 09:19 pm
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I've re-opened my Etsy shop and am currently stocking it with earrings and more. Check back for new items!

Firesign10 on Etsy
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Still fighting my most recent lupus flareup. That's really made my getting more stuff posted for sale a challenge. Still no new list for here yet but I have been steadily plodding my way through getting stuff posted for sale on Ebay. Who knew it would take so long to rebag 10 years worth of Avengers vol 1 comics!

When I sell my comics I always like to send them to their new homes with fresh plastic sleeves and backing boards. Silly as it seems it's kind of like sending my children away from home in their best clothes. Some of these comics are over 30 years old and I've cherished them all this time. Just because I have to sell them it doesn't mean I don't still love them and want to send them on their way as protected as I can. I've also posted some fan stuff, fanzines, paperbacks, etc, with more to come as I can deal with them.

If anyone would like to take a look, you can find them here:
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So, I'm doing my annual "post-Comic-Con" fandom clean-out of the closet :) Trying to cut down on the doubles or unwanted fannish items I own. I've got a few SPN listings that might be of interest.

2013 Comic-Con (SDCC) Supernatural (Jensen / Jared / SPN) TV Guide ~ MINT [Starting Price: $7]

Supernatural : One Year Gone by Rebecca Dessertine (2011, Paperback, Reprint) [Starting Price: $5] ...actually have another extra, but Ebay won't let me double the listing :P

Supernatural Season Two (S2) Complete Mint Inkworks Trading Card Set [Starting Price: $10]

Supernatural Season Three (S3) Complete Mint Inkworks Trading Card Set [Starting Price: $10]

I also have all the non-SPN TV Guides from both 2013 and 2014 for sale [Vampire Diaries, Originals, Batman, Superman, Gotham, Flash, Arrow), along with other fannish goods. Take a look through my listings for more information.

Thanks for looking!
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Whew! This took a bit to get all the new pictures taken and everything listed. I've added a ton of new stuff for sale. I've got pictures of almost everything uploaded so just click on the links to see anything I've got listed. If it says NWT that means it still has its tags on it.

I've got my fingers crossed that things will sell well and we'll get to make the trip. It's about the only way we could do it, we just don't have the money otherwise, even with a free place to stay in Florida. We'd sure love to go, it's been a long time since our last vacation. We'll just have to see what happens.

If you see anything you'd like, just let me know, we can figure out what postage will be then add it on. I can do checks but would prefer Paypal if possible. My paypal addy is bstaton at If you don't have a paypal account I found out that I can just invoice you for whatever you want to buy and then you can use either your debit or credit card to pay. I've done that for a couple of people and it works great.

Also, please, if you wouldn't mind, could you help me spread the word about what I've got posted? I'd really appreciate it and could sure use the help. :)


Thanks so much!

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I know how much it sucks to be so close to having the money you need, for bills, for groceries, even for something silly that you normally can't do. Mandy could use a bit of help and she's offering something neat in exchange. If you can, take a look below and help out a fellow fan. :)


Originally posted by [ profile] a_phoenixdragon at Tarot Readings for Sale...
Once more, for any and all who may be interested, I'm offering Tarot readings at a price that is slightly higher than a street vendor but way less than your average 1-800 number or reading. This would help get me out of a bind - and maybe make you feel a touch better about the future ahead (if not help you plan better for it)!

Prices are thusly:

Average Reading (Ques., Atmosphere, Past, Present, Possible & Probable Future): $15 USD

Full Reading (Q, A, Past, Pres., Poss., Prob., 2 Hopes/Fears, Family Opin., Final Outcome): $25 USD

Traditionally my 'usual reading' is the Full Reading, but I realise not everyone will want that, so I have set the Readings and prices accordingly. As always, if you wish to have a reading done, feel free to PM me and I will get it set up for you. We can do it via email, Skype or over the phone, whichever makes you more comfortable.

But even if you cannot do this at this time, I would really appreciate it if you would spread the word. There may be a few people out there who are interested - and I would wholly welcome their help. And look! They get something fun and (hopefully) practical in return!

Any way you can assist is appreciated, guise. And thank you (always, always) for listening!

*Squishes Listy Tight*

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Hi guys!

As always we're trying to raise some money so I'll be posting a bunch of stuff for sale. Right now I've got my full set of my Supernatural Seasons 1-8 DVD's, plus the Supernatural: The Anime Series up for sale on EBay. If you're interested and would like to take a look you can find them here:


I've got pictures posted of all of them in the listing. They've never been watched and are in great shape, Seasons 4-8 even still have the shrink wrap on them. :)

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Hi! I made a post on tumblr a while ago saying I wanted to get rid of some stuff but didn't get anything over there so I'm hoping this comm will help.

Preview of some stuff )

I have a bunch of Doctor Who and BBC Sherlock shirts and one Supernatural shirt. Some necklaces and a toothbrush. Prices and such can be found HERE. The shirts are all listed on eBay but only for within the U.S. I am willing to send internationally but would rather not deal with eBay's international shipping. I only accept Paypal.
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Hey folks! As some of you know, I'm moving on July 1st. Been trying to get rid of as much stuff as possible to cut down on moving costs. Less boxes = less I have to pay. So I came across a box of 15 copies of my J2 zine I published a few years ago, left over from a convention. I no longer sell at cons, so I'd really like to get these to a good home and not have to pack them and shove them in a closet at my new place.

The zine is "Friends and Lovers - Volume 1" a Jensen/Jared RPS zine. It's 161 pages and contains the following stories:

Touched by Darkness
Private Time
Light My Fire
One Man Show
Holding On To You
Green-Eyed Monster

I'm only asking $6.00 for postage. Though any donations above and beyond that to help with my moving costs to get me away from this dump of a house and nightmare of a landlord would be greatly appreciated!

I can only ship to the U.S., sorry! If you'd like a copy, please send via Paypal to: And PLEASE mark your payment as Gift, or whatever it is so that I don't have to pay any fees, or else I'll actually be losing money and that's not what I need right now.

Any questions, just let me know! Thanks!
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